Volunteer Packages

So Rebooting Democracy is happening.

April 16th- 22nd.  Concerts, comedy, film, fun, workshops, panels, policy, politics, ideas, innovation, democracy.


Now we know that you, like us, are psyched to be a part of it. But now you’re looking at this schedule of awesome and thinking maybe the full pass is a little rich for your blood. Maybe you’re too busy to hit all the social events, attend all the panels, or hone your skills at all the workshops. Maybe there’s only one or two events that really hit you in the reptile brain. Or maybe you just like free stuff.


We need a lot of help to put on a fest of this scope, to pull off seven days of events of Bus caliber…and we’re willing to barter.


So here’s the lowdown. Three packages for those few, proud folks who have what it takes to help them selves by helping us:


The Casual Canvasser Package: Work one volunteer shift (approx. 2 hours), get in to one weekend panel discussion/workshop/policy discussion of your choice.


The Urban Activist Package: Work three volunteer shifts, get a weekend pass covering admission to all of the weekend’s panels and presentations and a seat for Saturday morning’s keynote speech.


The Guerrilla Politico Package: Work five volunteer shifts and get a pass for the entire week’s events, including the full weekend pass, Candidates Gone Wild, the Ancient Heat show. The whole enchilada (including your choice of red or green sauce!).


You can work these volunteer shifts during the week, or on the weekend, or during our nightly social events (not included in the volunteer package, but if you work an event, you’ll almost certainly get to see most of it in between duties).


So that’s the rundown. Just like the tickets, the volunteer shifts are going quick, so check out the schedule, see what works for you, and get in touch.


To discuss these options and more, contact Ryan Tobias at (503) 233-3018 or ryan@busproject.org.